Stuart Grauer, Ed.D releases his new book, Fearless Teaching

No stranger to the field of progressive education, Head of School and Founder of The Grauer School and the Small Schools Coalition, Stuart Grauer has just published Fearless Teaching: Collected Stories (AERO press) leveraging his broad experiences and Fearless Teaching, Stuart Grauer insights on the cultures of teaching and learning in our society today. The book has become the fastest selling new release in AERO’s history.

At a time of national concern and frustration surrounding matters of centralized controls and standardized stipulations in core education requirements, be it a concern for public funding or chasing the proverbial tail of test scores, conversations about education must be had. Grauer, who has founded two independent secondary schools, consulted with/evaluated many schools worldwide, taught graduate education courses, and been awarded with a Fulbright Administrative Exchange writes Fearless Teaching from the standpoint of planting seeds for thought in the field of education

Fearless Teaching is a stirring and audacious jaunt around the world that peeks into places readers are highly unlikely to see on their own—some are disappearing. Travel to the Swiss Alps, Korea, Navajo, an abandoned factory in Missouri, the Holy Land, the Great Rift Valley, the schools of Cuba, the ocean waves, and the human subconscious and find colorful stories for the encouragement, inspiration, and courage needed by all educators and parents. Fearless Teaching is also an appeal and rationale for educators to stay in their work at a time when many are leaving the field.

Joe Brooks, Executive Director of Community Works Institute, says of Fearless Teaching, “Stuart Grauer is rapidly becoming one of America’s most important and popular educational story-tellers. With Fearless Teaching, Grauer makes an invaluable contribution.”

Fearless Teaching’s cover shot was donated by iconic photographer Steve McCurry, whose photos have made more National Geographic covers than anyone in history, and a percentage of the book’s proceeds go to McCurry’s nonprofit, Imagine Asia, bringing educational opportunities to Afghanistani youth.

As a leader in the emergent small schools model of education, Stuart Grauer’s work has been covered by Discovery ChannelThe New York TimesIndependent SchoolInternational Education Review Hechinger Report among many others.

The book is now on sale at and For more info on the book or the author, go to

Fearless Teacher Interview on San Diego Living

Fearless Teacher Interview on San Diego Living



  1. nan lee says

    I am the Chair of of North Haven’s school board and am trying to put together a group of small schools to try to approach the DOE about forbidding the use of standardized test scores from very small schools because of kids FERPA rights and because of statistical issues. Gordy Donaldson said to contact Scott Porter. Can you help?

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