Small Schools Coalition April Newsletter


April 2014

The Small Schools Coalition is Growing!

Please help us continue to expand!

We now have 159 followers onFaceBook, 144 listserv members, and 70 new Twitter listeners. We have a new Tumbler blog and a newspaper. You can now subscribe to our website via its new RSS feed link at the bottom of the page. Use it to get continuous updates to our research library, blog, and events. Please connect with us and share the Small Schools Coalition with your educators, administrators, other institutes. The more of us who band together, the stronger we all are!

Recent Additions to the Library

  • “Would You Send Your Kids to a School Where the Students Make the Rules?” by Mark Oppenheimer
  • “An Interview with Zoe Weil” by Isaac Graves and Zoe Weil
  • “Small Schools Operating Costs: Reversing Assumptions About Economies of Scale. A Report of the Public Education Association”

Help Students Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Please join the AERO opt-out school list if you haven’t already. Most schools that issue standardized tests allow students to visit opt-out schools on test days for an excused absence.

Go to to sign your school up.

Exciting Summer Conferences


June 26-29th: AERO’s (Alternative Education Resource Organization) 25th conferenceat LIU/Post, near New York City!

Keynote speakers: Zoë Neill Readhead, Lenore Skenazy, and Jerry Mintz.

Register online now!

Community Works Institute

Register early through April 19th.

July 14-18 at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont

July 28-August 1st at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

Another great review of Real Teachers!

Check out renowned author and educator’s glowing review of Dr. Stuart Graur’s book Real Teachers at Here’s a sneak peek:

“This uncomplicated fact makes Stuart Grauer’s book Real Teachers: True Stories of Renegade Educators a must read for all educators, regardless of their educational philosophy. What immediately drew me to the book was how little space the author spends discussing philosophy, even though he started, and still directs, a highly successful school with an unconventional approach to learning. His focus instead remains on the essential elements of, as he likes to put it, ‘real teaching.'” ~Chris Mercogliano

Let’s share what’s going on in the Small Schools Community!

Please send your events, news, photos, and other updates to so she can include it in social media and newsletter updates. Don’t forget to connect with us through the social media links below and Share directly with everyone! We want to hear from you!

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