Small Classes, Small Schools: the Time is Now

Patricia A. Wasley

in Educational Leadership

February 2002 | Volume 59 | Number 5
Class Size, School Size Pages 6-10

Small Classes, Small Schools: the Time is Now asks why class and school size are important. It looks at the standardized tests movement and points out that the tests merely emphasize academic inequalities without fixing the problems. The article points out that concerns about standardization have risen because researchers now believe that all students can learn equally, not that some students will always be unteachable. The article argues that research shows that smaller schools consistently out perform larger schools because of the individual attention students receive from teachers. There are a myriad ways to learn, and thus teachers must have the time to adjust their teaching strategies per pupil. They cannot do this when they have forty students in one classroom. Finally, the author shares findings about a study she and her colleagues did comparing small schools-within-schools versus large schools in Chicago where the small school students consistently out-performed their peers.

Access the article here.


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