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In this library you will find the most up to date and comprehensive small schools research that is available.  This is your home base for small schools research with a focus on secondary level education.  These resources have been screened, presenting to you the very best in small schools research.  For more on each resource, please click the title to view additional information.  We hope these articles will empower you in your work and public efforts to benefit your small school.



Don’t Supersize Me: The Relationship of Planned Construction Cost and Planned School Enrollment in the U.S. by Craig B. Howley

Abstract: Conventional wisdom holds that economies of scale necessitate the construction of larger schools. The study reported here questioned that view. It posed two questions: (1) are larger high schools less costly to build than smaller schools and (2) what contextual variables predict cost? […] The findings show that the smaller half of these 9-12 schools were, on average, no more expensive per student and were less costly per square foot. Interestingly, subsequent enrollments for smaller planned schools were shown to have been underestimated, whereas subsequent enrollments for schools planned as were shown to be overestimated. These tendencies, in fact, would tend to render planned smaller schools less expensive and planned larger schools more expensive per student.